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Geopolitics of Poland


Poland chose for its contemporary foreign politics the co-operation with the countries of the euro-atlantic area. Thus it is close to European countries such as France or Germany, but also to the United States, with which Poland cooperates in the fight against terrorism.

Withdrawn from the Warsaw Pact since 1989, Poland however maintains good relations with its former partners from the Eastern bloc (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Baltic States), just as with Russia and Ukraine. Poland takes part in many regional associations such as the Group of Visegrad, the Center-european Initiative, the Council of the coastal states of the Baltic and the transborder co-operations with other European regions.

Poland is a member of OECD since 1996 and NATO since 1999. It signed an agreement of association with the European Community since 1991, deposited its candidature for the Union European in 1994, started the negotiations of accession in 1998 and entered the EU in May 2004.

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