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Gastronomy in Poland : Polish cuisine, Polish recipes


The Polish cuisine is simple and economic but varied, with regional differences. The main external influences come from the Jewish, Russian and Ukrainian cuisines.

The meals include abundant soup portions, bread, potatoes and meat, most of the time pig meat. Each dish consists at least one of the following ingredients: sauerkraut, vegetables, fruits and fresh or fried mushrooms. The Polish mushrooms, whose picking is a family leisure, are very appreciated by the Poles and are exported all over the world.

A few receipts


Potato-vegetable salad


  • Barszcz, soup with beets, generally served with raviolis stuffed with meat or mushrooms;
  • Zurek: sour soup made from dry bread and rye flour served with a sausage and halves of hard-boiled egg;
  • Others: soups with cabbage, tripe, mushrooms, tomatos.


  • Tatar: chopped meat
  • Surówka, salad of vegetables (cabbages, carrots, leeks) and of apples;
  • Mizeria, salad of cucumber with soft sauce or milk;
  • Others: pie, pasted bread of bacon, smoked salmon, smoked eel, herring, caviar, dishes with garlic, fried mushrooms with tripe and snails.

Principal dishes

  • Bigos: quenelles of meat and sauerkraut and mushrooms;
  • Kotlet schabowy: breaded chops of pig;
  • Oscypek: cheese with the ewe's milk, served with bread and other accompaniments;
  • Pierogi: small slippers stuffed with cheese or chopped meat, cabbages, mushrooms or fruit;
  • Others: pancakes with cheese or meat, wafer of grated potatoes, duck stuffed with apples, filled chicken and roasted meat, carp with grapes and almonds.


  • Sauce mysliwski: soft sauce with grape and honey;
  • Sauce grzybowy: sauce containing wild mushrooms.


  • Makowiec: cake with grains of poppy;
  • Sernik: cake with cheese;
  • Szarlotka: cake with apples;
  • Others: ices, apple tarts, cakes with cream, plums with chocolate, gingerbread.



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