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Political parties and elections in Poland


A confused political scene

The Polish political scene is marked by confusion, instability and quarrels of parties. The high number of political parties makes the coalitions to the power very fragile, in spite of the limit fixed at 5 % to obtain seats in the Diet. The Poles tend to ignore the political questions, as shows it the weak rates of participation to political elections.

A left/center-right opposition

The Polish political scene is characterized by the left/center-right opposition. The political parties agree all on the necessity of reforms, but they are divided about the rythm of the reforms. Whereas the center-right parties are in favour of a fast liberalization of the economy, the left-wing parties propose gradual and social reforms.

Executive branch

chief of state: President Bronislaw KOMOROWSKI (since 6 August 2010)

head of government: Prime Minister Donald TUSK (since 16 November 2007); Deputy Prime Ministers Janusz PIECHOCINSKI (since 6 December 2012) and Elzbieta BIENKOWSKA (since 27 November 2013)

cabinet: Council of Ministers responsible to the prime minister and the Sejm; the prime minister proposes, the president appoints, and the Sejm approves the Council of Ministers

legislative election results and current seat distribution:

Senate - percent of vote by party - NA; seats by party - PO 63, PiS 29, PSL 2, SP 2, independents 4; as of 25 January 2014 - PO 62, PiS 30, PSL 2, SP 2, independents 4; Sejm - percent of vote by party - PO 39.2%, PiS 29.9%, RP 10%, PSL 8.4%, SLD 8.2%, other 4.3%; seats by party - PO 206, PiS 137, RP 43, PSL 28, SLD 25, SP 19, independent 1, German minority 1; as of 25 January 2014 - PO 203, PiS 136, TR 36, PSL 33, SLD 26, SP 17, independent 8, German Minority 1

note: the German minority is exempt from the 5% threshold requirement for seats to the Sejm


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