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Polish is an Indo-European language belonging to the group of the Western Slavic languages. It is strongly related to the Czech and the Slovak language, so that people from these three countries can understand themselves without the help of an interpreter.

Polish is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Marked by the repetition of the "hushing" sounds, the Polish pronunciation is also characteristic by its stressing (accentuation) on before-last syllable and by its nasal vowels, absent in the other Slavic languages.

This page try to explain the Polish language. Because of the complexity of it's grammar, this cannot cover all details. But nevertheless it should allow you to survive in any part of Poland.

Languages spoken by Poles

Polish is spoken by 99 % of the population in Poland. The principal dialects include small-Polish and Silesian, spoken in the south, and the mazovien and large-Polish, spoken in north. The Cachoube is for some considered as a language.

Polish vocabulary

Hello Dzień dobry Hello Czesc
Tak Good evening
Dobry wieczór
Not Nie Good night Dobranoc
Thank you (very much) Dziękuję (bardzo) My name is Nazywam się
Goodbye Do widzenia How are you? Jak sie masz
Please Proszę I do not understand Nie rozumiem
Excuse me Przepraszam Price Cena
Mister Pan Help! Pomocy!
Madam Pani Cheers Na zdrowie!


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