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Part of Poland is favourable to eco-tourism. Poland counts more than one thousand agro-tourist centers arranged for rest, nature and gastronomy. Nature offers pleasing and varied landscapes like the Lakes of Mazuria, the dunes, great beaches and lagoons of the Baltic, the rock summits of the Tatras, the mountainous chain of Bieszczady, the forests with the gilded autumn colors with bears, wolves and bisons. Among the twenty national park covering approximately 3000 km², the most appreciated are that of Bialowieza where live the last bisons in Europe, of Biebrza, greater extent of marshes and peats in Europe and of Ojcow, particularly picturesque.

Poland's natural environment is characterised by a considerable diversity. Its beauty can be admired in the wild scenery of twenty two national parks, c. 1200 nature reserves, more than 100 landscape parks and 400 protected areas.

Festivals abound and the outdoor pursuits are limitless. Vast forests where bison still roam, where there are lakes and mountains that still wait to be discovered. And National parks that are protected from developers

Thousands of agro-tourist centers are already registered in Poland. Much of them are recorded with ECEAT-Poland. The holidays in the countryside mean before all "rest" and "nature": a beautiful landscape, total silence, clean air and healthy food. The Polish countryside is characterized by its roads among the fields and the multicoloured mosaic from its meadows and its pastures. It constitutes an ideal refuge for the tourist in search of calm and rest.

The guest families like to take their guests to search for mushrooms, to fishing; to learn them how to cut the wood, to drive a barouche and the secrecies of their jam. The quality of food also constitutes a large asset for this type of tourism; fresh and natural products: milk, eggs, cheese, pork-butchery, vegetables from the kitchen garden, fruits from orchard and honey which comes directly from the hive.

In some lodgings, one can try the apitherapy (a treatment which consists in looking after certain diseases using substances secreted by the bees). These centers are well maintained, clean and ensure good lodging conditions. Seaside resorts and horsemanship schools are often located in the vicinity.

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