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This is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Poland. Situated in south-western Poland, on the Odra River and its inlets, on 12 islands connected with the land by 112 bridges, Wroclaw is often referred to as the Venice of Poland. The rich and boisterous history is recorded in its walls. Ostrow Tumskiremembers the Middle Ages, with the well preserved and one of the most beautiful European examples of sacral architecture: Katedra sw. Jana Chrzciciela (St. John the Baptist Cathedral). The Muzeum Archidiecezjalne (Archdiocese Musuem), is the only one of its kind in Poland. The old and modern architecture is intertwined in the surrounding greenery. The 18th century Szczytnicki Park with the Japanese Gardens - a beautiful oasis measuring 115 hectares is in the middle of the city. Apart from that, the Muzeum Przyrodnicze (Natural History Museum) and the Hala Ludowa are also worth a visit. The Wroclawski Ratusz (Town Hall Tower) - is one of the most beautiful in Poland. There are many museums located in the Old Town: the Archaeological, Ethnographic, Geological and Mineral. Wroclaw is also home to the largest baroque interior in Poland that has remained until today. TheAula Leopoldina, located on the 1st floor of the University's main building. The most beautiful baroque church in Wroclaw is that of kosciol Najswietszego Imienia Jezus (The church of the Holy Name of Jesus) from the 17thcentury. The Ossolineum - the immense library housing many priceless manuscripts and the National Museum with the Panorama Raclawicka (Raclawice Panorama) are worth visiting. Romanski portal bazyliki sw. Marii Magdaleny (The Romanesque Portal of St. Mary Magdalene's Church) a 12th century piece of art - is one of the oldest Roman portals in Europe. The most characteristic buildings in the city centre are the tiny baroque Jas i Malgosia houses. The kosciol garnizonowy (Garrison Church)with an 80 m watchtower is worth a visit. Wroclaw is also a centre of culture with an opera, music theatre and philharmonic. Wroclaw hosts the - The International "Wratislavia Cantans" and the "Jazz on the Odra" music festivals.


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