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Culture and society in Poland


The Polish culture is the fruit of a mixture of Latin heritages, but also byzantins and all the other cultures and Nations which overtook Poland. Thus the traditional clothes of the Polish nobility in XVIth and XVIIth centuries come from the ornaments of Eastern, and in particular Islamic art. In the same way, the germanisation, russianization and the communist time had an impact on the Polish culture. However, this one always knew to assimilate the exogenic elements to strengthen its unity and its specific cultural inheritance.

The Polish culture is clearly European, like are its great figures: Copernic the astronomist, Chopin the musician, Marie Curie the physician, and the Pope John Paul II... In spite of the forty years of Communism, the Poles are distinguished clearly from the Russians and the other Slavics from the East, topic that Milan Kundera highlighted in his thesis of the kidnapped West.


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