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The Polish currency is the zloty, divided into 100 groszy. The exchange rate is floating and thus prone to variations. The cash machines in banks are numerous, just as the exchange offices (Kantor). The payments are carried out in cash or credit card, little in traveller checks and not at all in checks.

Private exchange offices in Poland usually offer better rates than commercial banks. They are called Kantor and are very common, especially in places like railway stations. Be cautious about those in tourist hot-spots, such as the Warsaw Old Town, since they may overcharge. 

Plastic money can be used to pay almost everywhere in the big cities. Popular credit cards include Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. AmEx and Diners' Club can be used in a few places (notably the big, business-class hotels) but are not popular and you should not rely on them for any payments. There is an extensive network of cash machines (ATMs).



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