République tchèque

The transition of the year 1990's in Poland


In 1989, Solidarity manages to impose the discussions between the communist capacity and the opposition, known under the name of "Round Table". Those lead to agreements relating to legalization of the trade union Solidarity, the first free elections as well as the creation of a post of President of the Republic and of a Senate.

As waited, the election of June 1989 with the Diet (Sejm) offers to "Solidarity" the near total of the seats available. In August, a government of coalition is made up. It is directed by a Prime Minister, member of the management of "Solidarity", Tadeusz Mazowiecki. Poland is thus the first central and eastern european countries to have released itself from Communism, imitated soon by Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Romania.

The government of T. MAZOWIECKI launches an ambitious economic project whose bases are announced the 9th October 1989 by the "Balcerowicz plan", the name of the Prime Minister for the time. At the end of the year, Parliament abolishes the leading role of the communist party and restores the name of the Republic of Poland, by abolishing the mentions of socialist and popular. The communist party announces its own dissolution in 1990.

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