République tchèque

The rebirth of Poland


After 123 years of a political inexistence, the Republic of Poland reappears.


The period between the two world wars is marked by the control of the State and the national development.

17th March 1921

A democratic constitution is voted and gives birth to the second Republic.


Pilsudski, later a national hero, becomes after a coup d'Etat head of the Polish state and starts the modernization and the industrialization of its country.

Years 1930

Poland builds a modern communication network (roads, rilway...), a powerful industry composed of large chemical and mechanical companies, new cities such as Gdynia and its modern port, banking structure and a strengthened army.


Beginning of the Second World war: Poland is invaded by Germany the 1st of September ; the Russians attack from the East the 17th of September.


The holocauste lead to the extermination of the Jewish population in Poland. Almost one quarter of the Polish population perishes in camps, ghettos or prisons.


The Potsdam Conference establishes the current borders of Poland, which sees its territory moved towards the west.

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