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Favorites drinks in Poland


The Poles like strong alcohols, and in particular vodka, served pure and frozen. Vodka zubrowka is the most famous. A grass brushwood which the wild bisons of the Forest of Bialowieza feed is placed inside each bottle. The fruit liquors and the Polish spice liquors have healing virtues. Poland also produces quality beer and very good apple juices.

Zubrowka is a kind of vodka which may be particularly recommended to foreigners because of its unique greenish colour, aroma and...blades of grass floating in the bottle! The name of the vodka comes from the word "zubr", aurochs, a species which has become totally extinct all over Europe except the Polish Bialowieza National Park. The "grass" in fact is a herb which grows in this very park. Zubrowka is often served with apple juice. Another traditional Polish alcohol is miod pitny, i.e. the mead, available in three kinds. The best ones are poltorak and dwojniak.

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